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P U P - Paripath University Program

Academia is always on the forefront of innovation for any industry. Industry leaders must share the responsibility to make sure that students have access to modern tools and technology to hit the ground running, when they join industry. Paripath created PUP - Paripath University Program for universities and higher educational institutions around the world so that students can get access to characterization technology with ease. This is Paripath's attempt to ignite innovation in young minds.


In order to join the PUP, your University or Educational Institution must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Must have courses in the circuit design, simulation and verification of CMOS circuits.
  2. Must be engaged in higher technical education to graduates, post graduate students.
  3. Must execute Paripath’ NDA and Software License agreement.


The Institution and its students get the following direct benefits:

  1. Access to the latest Paripath tools and technology,
  2. Donation of Paripath's book, course designed for master's program.
  3. Access of Paripath Cloud initiative.
  4. Access to online educational videos.
  5. Possibility for students to join the Paripath team,
  6. Direct interface with the Paripath R&D team.

Program Fee

There is a cost to designing and publishing course contents, book, software, user guides, curriculum, labs and workshops. Program's fee helps alleviate some of the administrative and support cost of running this program. This fee could be waived under certain circumstances. This fee helps Paripath to provide excellent support in making effective use of the provided technology.

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