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Accelerating Circuit Simulation with BEST Analysis

Keywords — PASER (Paripath Accelerated Simulation Environment), BEST (Boolean, Electrical, Search, Timing) analysis , circuit simulation, Monte-Carlo statistical analysis.

Abstract — As modern technology process nodes mature, sub­20 nm design starts are picking pace. This pace is driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and mobile apps. As we go down to more advanced process nodes, design integration, along with number components and parasitics are increasing at an exponential rate. This growth in design size coupled with advanced effects worsens the requirement of number of simulations, either in the form of more

corner simulations or monte­carlo statistical analysis. In certain cases, the design size and

complexity is so large that it can not be simulated in traditional flows. These drivers are slowing down the circuit simulation flows by 10x to 100x. This is a staggering number. Paripath has been in a unique position with the BEST technology to work with a

handful of semiconductor vendors to improve simulation flow performance by an order or more using pioneer and ultra-fast techniques. These techniques improve transient simulation performance by an order or more.

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