Characterization Services

Why outsource?

Every design analysis, implementation and sign-off requires library models. You are a design house and chances are creating library models by itself is not your differentiator. Hiring/training/retaining full time characterization resource, buying additional software licenses puts additional burden on your finances. On the top of that, your team is constantly worried about quality, spice-correlation and compatibility of models to design analysis, implementation, and sign-off flows.

Let Paripath take care of your characterization needs in a cost effective manner, freeing you from library modeling headaches and allow you to put resources, where you can have competitive differentiation in marketplace.

Characterization Headaches

Why Paripath?

Team Paripath
  1. We have several decades of engineering expertise and advanced methodology to handle characterization of digital, custom and analog cells. We ensure tape-out of your designs through rtl-to-gdsII implementation, analysis (timing, power, noise) and sign-off. We don't rest, till we see your first design off the door. Paripath's advantage Disciplined Methodology resulting in BEST QoR,
  2. Access to industry's BEST in class characterization software and its architects,
  3. Dedicated team with in-depth characterization, modeling and design-flow expertise,
  4. Experienced team to handle advanced technology nodes and models.


  1. Hand-off
  2. Functionality recognition/acquisition/specification
  3. Stimulus Check
  4. Model Generation
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Library Correlation
  7. Final Delivery

Paripath Characterization Process

Hand off

  1. BSIM spice model of process node.
  2. Circuit netlist extracted with full parasitics.
  3. Configuration of corner (process, voltage, temperature etc) and other options.
  4. Design specification of cells, if available


  1. AOCV and LVF Models
  2. CCS noise, timing and power modeling
  3. ECSM models
  4. NLDM and NLPM modeling.
  5. verilog function models.
  6. Complete report of models.

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