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I recommend anyone facing these challenges (characterization, methodology, performance, uncertainty, redundancy etc) to take the time and give Rohit's book a read. - Jim Hogan, Visionary Executive, and Advisor to several companies.

"This book introduces the subject matter in a very approachable way that a senior undergraduate, beginning graduate student or a novice designer could understand." - Puneet Gupta, Entrepreneur & Associate Professor, UCLA.

This is a must-to-have book for EDA engineers working on timing, library, characterization and other related fields. Very practical materials. - Tsung-Wei Huang, Research Asst. Professor, UIUC.

This book provides comprehensive overview of characterization techniques and advanced modeling of VLSI circuits for modern and advanced process nodes up to 10nm and topics including timing, power, noise and variation (OCV, AOCV, LVF etc).

Intended audience includes research professionals, graduate students, circuit and PDK designers, characterization engineers, CAD developers, managers, mentors, and the merely curious. It is organized to serve as a compendium to a beginner, a ready reference to intermediate and source for an expert on the topics mentioned within.

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Title: Characterization and Modeling of Digital Circuits

Author: Rohit Sharma

ISBN-10: 1983144827

Published on: June 11, 2018.

Printed by: CreateSpace, An Company

Genre: Engineering